Trifold wallet-150944
Box top holder-002335075-0001
Bi-fold sleeve-2520908-0001
Scan activated-2520403-0001
Golden egg-002460469-0001
Gift bag/coffee-002562249-0001
Scan activated-Canadian Design 158209
Envelope-Canadian Design 158141
Bi-fold sleeve-Canadian Design 158210
Chalkboard tin-Canadian Design 161055
Chalkboard box-Canadian Design 161054
Sleeve for two-Canadian Design 160658
Slider-Canadian Design 160657
Card Holder For Attachment to Container Wall
Ovoid Container For Holding a Transaction Card
Golden Egg
Peg board hook-D742,726 S Variety pack wrap band-US D685,842 S
Wrap band envelope-D681,729 S Combo fold over-8,707,594 B2
Bow Tie envelope-D729,313 S Variety pack format holders-9,359,107 B2
Four flap notch envelope-D685,843 S Variety pack-D705,655 S
Character wrap envelope-D728,683 S Combo fold-D706,632 S
Gift card diecut sleeve-8,443,967 B2 Combo slider-D710,700 S
Coffee bag-D740,690 S Combo pack-D748978 S
Coffee cup slider-D685,635 S Combo pack with acetate-D732,960 S
GWP cup slider-9,139,353 B Multipack with envelopes-9,022,215 B2
Stand up presenter-8,499,478 B1 Pull tab-8,595,962 B2
Wine gift bag-D739,766 S Bouquet Notepad-D751,148 S
Lidded box with hole-D730,742 S Box topper rosette-D734,939 S
Sliding panel-9,021,726 B2 Floral card holder-8,650,779
Candy sleeve-745,390 S Gift card attachment-D713,449 S
Bow topper-740,166 S Flip book holder-8,839,951 B2
Coffee bag-D749,964 S Multi-function insert-8,887,917 B2
Candle bag-D747,217 S Tag card-D744,032 S
Lidded box-D732,399 S Reduced profile holder-8,701,315 B2
Sliding panel box-9,272,563 B2 Origami bag-9,102,442 B2
Flipover box-9,352,898 B2 Character gift box-D745,410 S
Gift card hanger-9,248,946 B2 Cat character gift box-D743,805 S
Gift box header-D730,170 S Tiger character gift box-D745,411 S
Packet/cake-D681,453 S Dog character gift box-D743,804 S
Mini notebook-D687,293 S Audio tag-8,516,726 B2
Pop-up holder-8,615,910 B2 Box holder w/sound-D592,047 S
Packet holder-8,646,606 B2 Ornament holder-8,474,162 B1
Plastic multicard holder-8,672,129 B2 Bi-fold holder-9,296,553 B1
Transaction card holder-D702,552 S Folding gift card-D608,825 S
Circular card packet-D704059 Tri-fold wallet holder-D723,799 S

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